Getting round Maidstone and across Kent is difficult enough by car with roads that gridlock easily under the pressure of traffic, but trying to travel by bicycle, on foot or by public transport is even harder. In the case of public transport, it is extremely expensive too.

While other parties talk about building new roads, changing traffic flows and making life easier for motorists, I think the time has come to stop ploughing money into more traffic and to start to make the alternatives easier and more affordable.

I really don't want more roads concreting over green spaces, or more air pollution of the type that already kills 130 people each year in Maidstone while causing chronic health problems for 700 more. I don't want more people using transport that leads to obesity and pumps CO2 into the air.

Green transport is carbon and pollution light. It is reclaiming the roads for people rather than drivers. It is about making roads safer, and more people friendly.


Stuart campaigned against the new gyratory in Maidstone that would allow even more traffic through the town and argued for the money to be spent reducing traffic instead.
Against air pollution from traffic doing guerrilla air monitoring and challenging the council on their woeful record.
For 20mph where people live writing to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent urging support for 20mph in residential streets including a reply explaining why the police refuse to support 20mph in Kent.
Campaigning with the Fares Fair people against rail price hikes.
Putting 20mph signs on Upper Fant Road to remind drivers that they are in a residential street.

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