As Brexit has shown us, society is in crisis and democracy is in tatters. Elected representatives across the country are in it for themselves, whether they are claiming for duck ponds and unnecessary flats in London or whether they break promise after promise, the public have lost faith in politicians.

Younger people struggle to find meaningful work, let alone somewhere to live of their own. The gap between rich and poor continues to grow, dividing society and destroying communities. The government's austerity measures are a ruse for the rich avoiding taxes while services are cut.

We must close these gaps, provide jobs for people that pay a reasonable wage, build homes that people both need and can afford, homes that are close to transport links, schools and jobs. Homes that are designed to become small communities that are truly affordable and comfortable homes. We must have controls on private landlords and we must reduce energy bills.

Maidstone has the 19th highest rate of homelessness in the country, homelessness that is being driven by the austerity measures, and food bank use grows each year despite the UK being the world's 5th largest economy. This is clearly wrong.

We want a genuine living wage for all workers and an end to zero-hours contracts. There must be decent benefits for all who need them and we must not have pensioners in poverty. People should not have to pay to be educated. University tuition should be free.

And we must restore some faith in politics. The first past the post system for elections must be consigned to history as most other developed countries have done - we need a system where there are no wasted votes.

We need to be able to hold politicians to account more than once every 5 years and to be able to recall them if they misbehave.

Stuart has spent this winter volunteering in the local winter shelter and speaking out for action to prevent homelessness
Stuart spent the night sleeping rough to raise money for the Winter Shelter and has volunteered there too.
Stuart called for Helen Grant's resignation when her expenses and mistreatment of staff scandals broke.
He wrote to the Chief Executive of the Royal Mail to complain about the sorting office moves.
He has called for action to reduce homelessness in Maidstone.
Letter to KCC with concerns about asbestos waste handling
Campaigning against another supermarket in Maidstone town centre and in favour of homes
Campaigning for jobs for younger people.
Campaigning to Keep Our NHS Public

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