Initially joining Greenpeace at the age of 16, Stuart has spent the majority of his life campaigning on environmental issues. These have ranged from being a trustee of Fant Wildlife Group, to climate marches in London and most recently a focus on fracking and on air pollution.

In Maidstone air pollution kills around 130 people each year. It is implicated in heart attacks, strokes and dementia and nationally around 50,000 people die each year yet government fails to act. Imagine if these deaths were from terrorists or contaminated wine drunk in Westminster, you can picture the outcry and the immediate action. Sadly the deaths are of ordinary people often living close to busy road - just the type of people the business as usual politician ignore.

And while the world CO2 levels continue to break records and the climate becomes increasingly unstable with record global temperatures this government seems even more committed to extracting more oil and gas to burn and doing it in the most polluting ways, e.g. fracking (See the Lib Dem and Labour record on fracking here)

The environment is what keeps us alive - nothing is more important for survival, yet every year people pump billions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere pushing the planet closer and closer to catastrophic climate change. People are decimating our seas by over fishing, polluting the air we breath, killing bees with insecticide and destroying our green spaces. This must stop.


The campaigning on air pollution has been extensive and can be seen here
Letter on flood defenses in Yalding
Fracking campaigning in Preston
Letter to Owen Paterson 18/01/14 about flooding in Maidstone
Visit to Balcombe 24/08/13
Letter to Helen Grant 06/08/13 asking for her position on Fracking
Reply from Helen Grant 26/3/13 and attachment supporting fracking
Email to Helen Grant 15/3/13 urging ban on neocotinoids to reduce bee deaths
Reply from Helen Grant 26/3/13 declining a ban
Fracking debate between Charlie Elphicke and me on BBC Politics Show in 2011.
Speaking at a public meeting against the quarrying of Oaken wood in 2010.
Attended the Climate Camp in 2008.
Campaigning agaist waste incineration in 2008.
And of course climate marches in London!

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