The simple focus on economic growth that the world has should have been consigned to economic dustbin centuries ago. The focus should be on jobs, reducing consumption and sustainability.

While Lib Dems, Labour and the Tories continue to let the banking sector rip off the country while championing economic growth at any cost, in the real world people are struggling. Banks have created 97% of the money and continue to plough this money into schemes that put profit before people - this must change.

Austerity is an excuse to increase profits for the rich while cutting support and services for those who need them - hardly the right thing to do in the world's 5th largest economy.

We need to move to a sustainable, largely bio-regional, economy where localism and employment are key.

We need a fairer, more equal economy that puts people first rather than profit and the rich pay their way.

Local businesses should take preference over faceless international corporations. And we must democratise the money supply so that money can be easily channeled to schemes that are needed, such as renewable energy, public transport and other green sector jobs.

Finally, we mustn't forget that energy and the economy are inextricably linked. The size of the economy is dependent on the supply of energy. If energy isn't renewable then its supply will decline and so will the economy.


Interviewed on BBC South East Politics Show about bankers' bonuses.
Writing on economic instability in the Eurozone and attending a EU workshop with Green Party leaders from across the EU.
Involved in Maidstone's local Coalition of Resistance group.
Attended Occupy London Stock Exchance
Spoke at the June 30 strike rally in 2011.
Helped fellow campaigner, Derek Eagle, set up and run Maidstone's farmers' market.
And so much more - search economy on the blog!

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