In one the most corrupt and lie fueled political campaigns that I have witnessed, ordinary people, many of whom rarely vote, sent a message to government that they are unhappy with their voices not being heard and that they are unhappy with the status quo. Their anger was aimed squarely at the political classes and they wanted change.

However I don't believe most people voted for a 'hard' Brexit. I don't believe they voted to crash the economy, to throw out hard working EU citizens or to promote racism and violence.

The Leave campaign talked of cutting red tape but the so called red tape are the workers' rights and consumer and environmental protections that keep us safe from exploitation and pollution. I will fight tooth and nail to keep those protections.

Our economy, our NHS and our agriculture rely on workers from abroad. Clearly there are tough discussions to be had as to how this country has failed to train the enough people for essential jobs but we must not let vital services suffer under a hard Brexit.

So I want a second referendum based on the terms of the best deal possible struck with the EU, a referendum based on facts rather than assumptions and lies.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY we must listen to the ordinary people who have spoken out, we must listen to the fears, hopes and frustrations of those people who have been forgotten by business as usual politicians, and we must ensure that their views are taken seriously and addressed.

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