Anti-war campaigner, Stuart, has held a strong stance against the war-mongering of recent governments. The need for an ethical foreign policy and a strong UN has never been greater with trouble continuing to flare across the Middle-East and now potentially in North Korea.

Intervention in foreign countries should only be on humanitarian grounds and only when led by the UN with a clear mandate.

While the West and Russia continue to arm, bomb and support states and factions in troubled lands, the problems will continue. Both the refugee crisis and the terrorism are worsened by our misguided actions. We cannot bomb people's homes, kill their families and expect them to think well of us. The solutions have to be political rather than aggression.

Acting and trading ethically with other countries, rather than exporting our problems as the country has been so adept at doing for the past 200 years, is the best route for peace. Leadership against climate change is absolutely necessary to avoid future climate wars and disasters.


Stuart has embarrassed Kent County Council into agreeing to have an ethical pension fund after he revealed huge investments in arms companies.
He helped organise a vigil for the Palestinians after the Israeli bombardment of Gaza in Jan 2009.
Spoke out against the NATO involvement in Afghanistan.

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