Thursday, 14 May 2020

Planet of the Humans

Ok, I plucked up courage and watched the Planet of the Humans finally and I really wish I hadn't.

The core message of the film, that capitalism and humans are destroying the planet, that consumption cannot go on increasing but has to reduce is completely undermined by the selective and out of date facts. It is almost as if the film was designed to discredit the green movement.

Very sad. In fact the only part of the film that made me smile was the suggestion that Al Gore and David Blood's company should have been called Blood and Gore.

The film criticises an early solar festival for failing to generate all of its own electricity. That was a tough call in 2001, solar was far less advanced. There is at least one festival that has done this properly for quite a long time so why not use that one to show that it's possible?

They feature a football pitch sized solar farm (about 1 hectare) and say that it can only support 10 homes. Clearly they are using very old technology as modern solar farms seem to produce around 500kw per hectare enough for about 100 households.

The film's criticism of biofuels is good but it uses opinions from campaigners that were made many years ago and that have changed, i.e. it is seeking to undermine green campaigners.

It claims that solar panels last 10 years. They don't, they last 25 years. It says EV batteries last  two years, they don't they last up to 8. Not that they are much better in long term sustainability!

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