Wednesday, 1 January 2020

My letter to Labour Party members

Firstly, I do not want a Labour government, I want a Green government. However I think most of us would agree that having some form of left of centre government would be preferable to the result of the 2019 general election which has seen just 44% of the electorate vote for the Conservatives but that has resulted in a significant Conservative majority. Imagine how the brexiteers would feel if 48% of the vote meant no brexit?

I want you, Labour Party members, to accept responsibility. Responsibility is not blame, it is the understanding that you have collectively brought us to a situation and that you have the power to change things in the future for a better outcome. I am asking Labour members to take responsibility and respond to the challenge so that we never again have a majority government in parliament elected by a minority of voters.

Winning seats in elections is no longer about policies, it is about having an effective electoral strategy, a leader that is seen to be credible, acting tactically and having a clear simple message, none of which were evident in Labour's campaign. Most importantly, the failure of successive governments to implement a fair and democratic voting system means that we need to act tactically until there is proportional representation.

Which is why I want to work with you tactically at all levels of government and in all elections.

Labour members, please start to work cooperatively, tactically and collaboratively and we might start to see different results. Please do not give me the excuse that Labour policy is to stand in every seat; you as Labour members need to change that and if you can't right now then you need to find a leader that will change the way your party does politics.

Finally, if you won't listen to me, listen to George. George is correct, the Right have worked out a winning formula which means the left needs to work out a response that works.

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