Saturday, 16 November 2019

Allington incinerator expansion and new household waste recycling facility

"Kent Enviropower", the "energy from waste" EfW incinerator in Allington is consulting on expanding with a fourth turbine to generate more power from burning waste and with a new Household Waste Recycling Facility (HWRF).

I've previously campaigned against the incinerator; burning waste may seem like a great idea but it creates an easy solution to a problem that should avoid in the first place, i.e. creating the waste. So in terms of the expansion of the EfW, I am opposed.

As far as the HWRF proposal goes, there are clear problems:
  • it needs to be driven to (and the Tovil site has a queue of traffic to get in which would may be replicated),
  • it is probably too large (four time the size of Tovil) and, as stated above, we should be reducing the amount we buy and use rather than making it easier to get rid of it.
There is a petition against the proposal. I don't think the argument put forward in the petition is very strong. It focuses on the HWRF which really isn't too close to residential areas and the alternative would be to put it in the countryside with the associated damage and extra car journeys that this would mean. So I'm opposed but for very different reasons from the ones given.

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