Monday, 30 September 2019

We need a moratorium on building on farmland around Maidstone

2000 large houses to be built on farmland around Marden and now plans for 5000 on farmland outside Lenham. These are not the high density affordable homes, close to jobs and sustainable transport links that people need. No, these will mostly be large executive houses that the majority cannot afford and that nobody needs.

We Greens have fought building on 'greenfield' sites for many years. For greenfield, read farmland and woodland. Farmland and woodland are vital to our future. What is more important than food and oxygen? A five bed detached house with cinema room and hot tub? No...

We must concentrate our efforts to meet the true demand for homes. Our young people are struggling, they need flats and affordable houses with a bit of a garden, close to schools, shops and jobs. Why don't we build those?

Single people are struggling. They often need smaller flats with a bit of community. And people are getting older, they often need some form of supported living, i.e. just enough help to keep them out of a care home. Why don't we build these?

So I am calling for a moratorium on house building on farmland and woodland, our greenfield sites. I want the council to take a long hard look at the true needs for housing and to stand up to central government when it tries to impose unnecessary housing targets.

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