Saturday, 21 September 2019

Consultations on housing and climate change in Maidstone

Two consultations that seem to have slipped out and passed people by. Both started in July, right at the start of the holiday season - never a good time!

Firstly, there is the Local Plan review from Maidstone Borough Council:

You've got until 30 Sept to comment on this. Given the dreadful Local Plan that we currently have, please comment. I do not want out of character tower blocks in the town or our farmland concreted over. Oh, and when the hell will they stop promoting 'growth' as a good thing?

Also to comment on (just 2 days left) is the Kent Emission Strategy. This is such a poor strategy that words really do fail me.

  1. The target of 2050 to be carbon neutral is 25 years too late and will contribute to a cataclysmic future for our children.
  2. It promotes / accepts growth as good. We need to shrink the economy not grow it.
  3. There is no mention of closing the airports in Kent, reducing flying, reducing meat consumption, and only one brief mention of planting trees.

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