Monday, 24 June 2019

The 420 express from Humanity

a close up of a map: Carbon dioxide levels from approximately 1750 to present. (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)

As CO2 levels head toward the 420ppm mark there are an increasing number of apocalyptic articles hitting the web.

CO2 increases remain unchecked despite rhetoric from governments. Allegedly the UK has reduced them, however emissions from flights and from items manufactured abroad are not included.

Given that we have outsourced manufacturing over the past 30 years it is unsurprising that this large sector of emissions has reduced.

Flights too are a growing problem. The third runway at Heathrow is incompatible with humanities future existence. Yup. We ain't gonna survive as a species unless we stop emitting CO2 and that includes CO2 that we accidentally fail to count.

Extinction Rebellion are doing a great job and the Greens are higher in the polls than ever but there is still so much more needed. 9% in the polls might be good but that means that more than 90% of voters have failed to realise that BAU politics will lead to the early death of their children and grandchildren.

84 degrees in the arctic...

Uninhabitable Earth

Arctic ice in nose dive

We need to act now.

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