Friday, 7 June 2019

£1 trillion is a lot of cash but no future would be far more expensive

Not sure what I dislike most about Philip Hammond's statement that it will cost £1 trillion to become net zero carbon by 2050 - the fact that he questions its worth or that 2050 would be 20 years too late.

It is quite clear that Hammond needs a lesson in climate science. Just a basic one though. Just that we need to make radical changes right now in order for our children and grandchildren to survive. There is no waiting for 2050, no worrying about the cost, no questioning the facts. This needs to be done now. It must be our top priority.

The collapse of society is a very clear outcome should mankind not take the urgent steps rapidly to reduce our impact on the climate and on resources, and to reduce the other types of waste that we frivolously discard.

The collapse of society would wipe out GDP, costing a bit more than the £1 trillion that Hammond is worried about. We need a Green New Deal and we need it now.

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