Thursday, 13 September 2018

Do we need pre-emptive drone strike against Heaven?

North Carolina is about to be hit by a huge hurricane, no doubt one of those 1 in 100 year events that happens most years, so I am waiting for them to pass a law against hurricanes hitting them as they have done against sea level rises predicted by scientists.

The absurdity of this is difficult to comprehend. The Guardian reports that the state passed a law "banning policies based on such forecasts." Not only do they have their head in the sand but they have made it illegal to pull one's head out of the sand too.

Obviously this is based on political climate denial and while almost every country in the world could be accused of this when you consider the utter lack of action being taken to prevent catastrophic, runaway climate change, North Carolina's stance is at least fairly open in its denial.

Unlike the UN of course: "We are careering towards the edge of the abyss," said Antonio Guteres on Monday and there are just 18 months left to act to prevent the worst of it. Just 18 months, yet the UK is focussed on delivering Brexit which a small proportion of citizens wanted a couple of years ago based on an undemocratic referendum where the Leave campaign cheated. Yet the US has a climate denying president who is doing everything in his gift to screw the rest of the world. Need I go on?

Some of the small island states are shouting loudly, the ones who will be affected first. So why are North Carolina not taking it seriously too? They have a long, low lying coastline after all. Who know what is in the minds of their politicians.

So back to the hurricane, its expected storm surge and the evacuation of coastal towns. Obviously the hurricane can't be driven by climate change as that clearly isn't a "thing", so it must be an act of God.

I wonder at what point those acts of God will trigger reprisals? It think that Seize The Day said it quite well...

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