Monday, 30 July 2018

Dear Labour Party

Dear Labour Party

The latest opinion poll puts you neck and neck with the Conservatives, both of you on 38%. While this is a reasonable vote share, you have known for many years that you need a significantly higher total vote than the Tories to gain a majority in the Commons and with the SNP now controlling Scotland an overall victory is even harder.

However, the impact of the proposed boundary changes, as calculated by Political Betting, would give the Tories 40 more seats that you for the same number of votes.

This is a perfect example of the failed electoral system that we have to currently endure. Seats in the Commons do not represent the votes of the people you claim to serve.

Proportional systems rectify this. The additional member system is widely used in our regional assemblies, a list system is used for our EU elections and other proportional systems are used in neighbouring countries.

So why do you continue to refuse to back electoral reform? Not only is it bad for the people, bad for democracy but it is bad for the Labour Party's prospects. I don't usually suggest politicians should campaign on their self interest but perhaps this is appropriate.

Kind regards

Stuart Jeffery

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