Monday, 19 March 2018

UKOG and the high court

I joined Bianca Jagger, Jenny Jones our Green Party Lord and Gillian Kavanagh from The Warrior's Call outside the High Court this morning for a protest in advance of UKOG's attempt to ban protests outside its oil extraction sites in the South East. Meanwhile the world is ONE degree warmer than the mid twentieth century average and on course to quickly to break the maximum two degrees rise that becomes irreversible. The only way to stop the catastrophe of climate change is to leave the oil in the ground. While UKOG are claiming that they are not planning to frack in the South East, they are planning to use acidisation - the injection of hydrochloric acid into the ground to dissolve roacks and make the oil flow more freely. Most worrying is the assualt on civil liberties. The right to protest is enshrined in law and dissent is a basic human right. We must not be made to sit on our hands while the planet is trashed for the sake of profit.

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