Thursday, 11 January 2018


I've just been on KMTV talking about plastic. Theresa May's announcement that she will get rid of all unnecessary plastic in 25 years time is frankly ridiculous. As Greenpeace have suggested, 25 months would be more reasonable.

Plastic has only been around for a very short time. Injection moulded plastic was invented in the 1920's and plastic shopping bags have been around since the 1970's. The use of plastics is a one generation thing so it can be reversed. Easily.

People will have seen the plastic soup in Blue Planet 2 and the news that China has stopped importing the 4 million tonnes of plastic that we were sending them is welcome news. It means we have less opportunity to off-shore our crap.

There are easy wins. Just look through the veg shelves in the supermarket. Open plastic bags around cauliflowers is a real bugbear for me - what is the point of them? This is just one of hundreds of examples of course.

Will it cost more?

  • Will it cost more to fill your own bottle from a drinking fountain or tap, or spend £1 on a new one. We will have to make tap water and drinking fountains available again. 
  • Pay an extra 25p for coffee or bring your own reusable mug? More and more people are bringing their own. Also some of us fill it with coffee before we leave home if we are getting on the train. 

So no, it shouldn't cost too much more. But even if it does we can't carry on as if nothing was wrong.

Finally, sorry about the dearth of posts recently. I will try harder!

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