Saturday, 28 October 2017

Maidstone councillors adopt an unsustainable local plan

On Thursday Maidstone's Local plan was agreed by the Borough Council. The plan sets out where housing is to be built, predominately on farm land around the town. Much of the building is underway as those of us who have been down the gridlocked roads of Hermitage Lane and Sutton Road demonstrating clearly what happens when you build high numbers of houses on the edge of town. The plan also puts industry at Junction 8, where we fought the KIG development 10 years ago.

Residents in west Maidstone are particularly angry at the developments along Hermitage Lane. There is near unanimous condemnation of them with at least two campaign groups fighting them.

Let us hope that the residents of Maidstone check how their councillors voted. The evidence will be in the minutes and is captured on film here (go to 1:15).

Of particular note was the Lib Dems' keenness to second the motion to approve the Local Plan but here in Bridge Ward where feelings run high, both the Lib Dems voted in favour of the plan. Indeed all the councillors in Bridge, Heath, Fant and Allington wards voted in favour, one Tory, two Labour and 7 Lib Dems.

The KM has a write up here:

We urgently need homes, affordable ones, social housing and so on, near to jobs and transport links. We don't need large houses built on farm land that require cars to get people to their jobs or shops.

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