Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Lords reform backed by 63%

A poll out today showed a significant increase in support for reform of the Lords, i.e. for it to become an elected chamber. This is very welcome - it may be a few years since I posted on Lords reform but my views have not changed, we urgently need to elect our upper chamber rather than have it appointed to by parties or occupied by others by virtue of their job or position.

UK democracy is a sham and it is clear that the public are starting to realise this. It is not just the Lords that need reform, the Commons does too. Today's debate on PR was sparked by a 100k+ petition yet it seems difficult to persuade people who are elected under one system to agree to another. Turkeys and Christmas spring to mind.

Of particular disappointment is Labour's position. Despite the Jenkins Commission under the Labour government recommending PR in 1998 and it being in their manifestos, they now refuse to back it after failing to deliver on their manifesto commitments 15 years ago when in power.

To quote the Brexiteers, we need to take back control. We don't have a democracy in the UK and we won't have until our antiquated parliamentary and local government voting systems are brought into the 21st century.

I have put myself forward for the Council of the Electoral Reform Society. If you are a member, I would appreciate your vote.

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