Thursday, 8 June 2017

Why vote for Stuart!


While the Lib Dems continue to rule out supporting the Tories in government with another coalition and with Labour's support crashing and their refusal to stand up against Brexit there is now a clear voice campaigning for both PEOPLE and PLANET in Maidstone: Stuart Jeffery's.

Why vote for Stuart:
  1. Stuart continues to campaign against Brexit, backing calls for a second referendum on the terms of the final deal. If Brexit goes ahead it must maintain the environmental and social protections we have won through our membership of the EU. 
  2. He is a seasoned environmental campaigner, most recently setting up guerrilla monitoring of air pollution in Maidstone after the local council's continued failure to address the problem that sees 130 deaths each year here.
  3. He fund raises and volunteers for local homelessness charities.
  4. He is happy to speak truth to power, no matter how much trouble he gets into.
  5. He has lived in Maidstone for 17 years with his family and knows the people and place intimately.
The Lib Dems will try to claim that they can beat the Tories in Maidstone in an attempt to squeeze votes from other parties but their maths simply doesn't add up. In 2010 at the height of their popularity they threw the kitchen sink at this constituency and were still 12% short and by 2015 this gap had increased to 21%.

So please don't be fooled by their claims, voting positively for a party that you believe in will send a strong clear message to Westminster that people and planet matter!