Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Maidstone council meeting - a question on air pollution

I pressed Maidstone Borough Council at this week’s Council meeting, highlighting that air pollution is currently responsible for around 130 deaths in the borough.  I asked what steps were being taken to address the pollution and how many additional deaths are likely with the planned housing increases around the periphery of Maidstone.

Shockingly, the council stated that they had not estimated the impact on deaths through air pollution as a result of the housing developments.

I have put out this statement: “I was pleased to learn that the council are at least talking about air pollution but really shocked to hear that they have not considered how much worse the air pollution will get with 20,000 new houses on the outskirts of the town.

“The majority of houses being built are larger properties at the edge of town and with Maidstone’s appalling public transport provision, most of these will have at least one car that will pollute the air that we breathe.

“While we completely recognise the housing crisis, we have repeated called for high density homes close to public transport links to be prioritised yet this has been ignored by the council and it is now clear that the death toll will continue to rise.”


Initial question: “As air pollution is the second largest cause of preventable deaths and as it is responsible for around 130 deaths in this borough each year, can the council tell me what steps you are taking or are proposing to take to reduce the pollution”

Supplementary question:  “Can you tell me how much worse the air pollution will get with the 20,000 or so houses being built on the periphery of Maidstone, and therefore requiring cars, i.e. what will the annual death toll increase to?”

Calculations and evidence on 130 deaths is available here:

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