Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Electoral fraud in Kent

It has been an interesting week so far in Kent with the jailing of Steven Uncles at the weekend following his conviction of electoral fraud (he stood some fake candidates in the last county council elections). I am pleased that he got his come comeuppance - his treatment of elections was woeful (and fraudulent) and my previous complaint about him was dismissed by the police.

Also breaking news today that Craig McKinley MP for Thanet South has been interviewed by police into excess spending in the 2015 General Election is very welcome. While I hope and pray that Farage never makes it into Parliament, if the Tories are found to have undermined the democratic process in enough seats we may have an illegitimate government (what is happening with the other 28 cases?)

This would call into question the legitimacy of brexit and all of the awful thing that have happened since 2015. That will be something to exercise the lawyers for quite a while!

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