Monday, 14 November 2016

Guerrilla air pollution monitoring in Maidstone

So we have been a bit naughty... A few weeks ago a group of us went out in the cover of darkness (well, after work) and placed five NO2 diffusion tubes around the centre of Maidstone to allow us to collect and record the level of air pollution in the town.

The roadworks in the centre of town saw the removal of the only official town centre monitoring and there seems to be no firm commitment for it to be replaced. We know that there is very little air pollution monitoring in Kent, indeed across the UK, after all if it isn't monitored how can there be a problem?

We do know that there are strong campaigns focused on London to improve the air where over TEN THOUSAND people die each year as a result of air pollution primarily from traffic. In Maidstone around 130 people die as a result of air pollution and Maidstone is one of the boroughs that has been named as breaking the law last year by exceeding pollution levels.

So we decided that if the council doesn't want to check the amount of pollution that we collectively breathe in then we will do it ourselves.

The results are due next week and we believe they will be shocking...

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