Monday, 10 October 2016

Response to the Lib Dem attempt to shirk responsibility for the gyratory

Kent Messenger 7/10/16
There's a row going on in the letters page of the Kent Messenger over air pollution. I think we started it with our protests over the new gyratory system that will allow more cars to come through Maidstone's centre. The row is into it's fourth week and now the Tories are joining in too.

This is my response:

Dear Editor,

Last week the Lib Dem Leader of Maidstone Borough Council tried to shirk off her Council's responsibility for the road works on the Gyratory by claiming that they were solely down to Kent County Council. While KCC is the ultimately responsible for the works, she seems to have forgotten that Maidstone Borough Council had to give their blessing on the plans in order for them to proceed.

On the 14th Oct 2015 MBC's Joint Transportation Board noted the partial funding of the scheme by MBC and then on 1st Dec 2015 MBC's Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee noted that "Prior to commencing the tendering process, approval from the Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee was required to progress with the project.".

Maidstone Borough Council are therefore equally culpable for the new gyratory which will increase the traffic through the town centre and make the air pollution even worse than it is now. Of course we also know that they are completely responsible for the huge edge of town housing estates whose residents will be using the new gyratory.

As Cllr Wilson is the Leader of the Council we will continue to hold her to account for the appalling levels of air pollution in our town which kill at least 75 people every year.

Stuart Jeffery
Maidstone Green Party

And below is the Tory's letter, it seems that the Lib Dems stopped a deferral of a planning decision while an updated air quality assessment was made.

Kent Messenger 7/10/16

Meanwhile over on Larry Sanders campaign page for the Witney by-election it seems that the Lib Dems have been trolling and calling for him to stand down as only the Lib Dems can win here (despite getting 6.8% against Cameron last year). Now where have I heard that line before?

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