Monday, 1 August 2016

Yalding flood defences

Letter to the Kent Messenger:

Dear Editor,

News that money for flood defences for Yalding have been halved should not come as a surprise from a government that demonstrates so little concern for the planet. While they continue to fail to tax the rich properly, they also continue to claims that there is no money for the things that really matter such as protection of the environment or people. Remember too that this is the government that has just scrapped the department for climate change despite it being the biggest global threat that we face.

As the climate catastrophe is increasing at a rate that is astonishing scientist with global heat records being broken each year for the past three years and the impacts being felt in all corners of the world, it seems that the people of Yalding should be very worried.

Politics needs to focus on protecting both people and the environment. Perhaps the people of Yalding might remember that when they vote in future.

Stuart Jeffery, Maidstone Green Party

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Valerie Fiddes said...

Well said Stuart. I am astonished at how this government is able to completely disregard all the warnings of the effects of climate change. Our children and grandchildren will have to cope with the repercussions of what this government is doing now.