Friday, 5 August 2016

McDonalds want to open 24/7 in Maidstone

We really don't want a bigger night economy in Maidstone, it has boasted one of the biggest in the south east for many years with 10,000 people clubbing on a Saturday night. Opening McDonalds would simply increase noise, litter and stop people sleeping. Maidstone Greens have objected to the extended hours.

You can object too...

This is what we submitted. Feel free to use.

We urge that this application be rejected for the following reasons:

1. It increases the overall night economy of the town which is already one of the largest night economies in Kent. This type of economy is not healthy for those involved or for residents and is not the style of economy that Maidstone should aspire to.

2. It extends the night economy further across the town. People leaving the clubs at Lockmeadow and those travelling from the town centre towards Tonbridge will have a natural stop in an area that was not previously part of teh night economy.

3. There will be significant all night noise from the restaurant as demonstrated by the number of mitigations proposed in the application. While the mitigations will help, they will not stop the additional all night noise.

4. There are residential flats next to the restaurant. These will be subjected to significant noise and disruption. This will have a negative impact on residents health.

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