Thursday, 16 June 2016

EU Referendum Poll for Kent: Kentish People vs People of Kent

A new poll conducted across Kent is suggesting that the couty as a whole wants to leave the EU. Interestingly, Kentish People (those west of the River Medway) are more likely to want to remain whereas People of Kent (east of the River Medway) are in favour of staying in! Kent is divided...

The poll suggests 57% leave to 43% stay. Hardly surprising in a county that elected a UKIP MP in 2014 and has them as the main opposition on the county council.

More interesting is the breakdown by constituency:

Constituency Remain Leave Undecided
Ashford 27% 53% 20%
Canterbury 39% 38% 22%
Chatham and Aylesford 26% 57% 17%
Dartford 38% 45% 17%
Dover 32% 56% 12%
Folkestone & Hythe 34% 49% 17%
Gillingham and Rainham 31% 48% 20%
Gravesham 41% 33% 26%
Maidstone & the Weald 34% 41% 25%
North Thanet 58% 32% 10%
Rochester & Strood 29% 54% 17%
Sevenoaks 54% 43% 3%
Sittingbourne & Sheppey 19% 62% 19%
South Thanet 32% 47% 21%
Tonbridge & Malling 50% 38% 12%
Tunbridge Wells 55% 37% 8%

The split between East and West Kent is not arbitary, it is along affluence and proximity to London. It suggests that the article by Lisa Mckensie in the Guardian yesterday which argued that the working classes are keen to 'stick it to the man' have a lot of weight.

I hope that simple frustration and anger is not going to see the country leave the EU but the paucity of debate suggests that rational decisions based on principles are struggling, especially here in Kent.

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Geoff Lewis said...

You've got the figures for North Thanet the wrong way round; the 58% should be for the Leave column.