Monday, 20 June 2016

EU: 36p per day; The Sun 40p per day

Pleased to see the REMAIN polling improving with less than a week to go. Interestingly this accords with comments I saw a few weeks back which suggested that the same happened in the Scotland polling before that referendum.

The EU may be appalling at times, go against localism and be economically neo-liberal but at least it brings peace, legislates reasonably well for the environment and certainly can't be described as racist.

And if the gutter press has you thinking that membership is expensive, remember that it does not cost the country £350m a week, that is a lie, it ignores the rebate and inward investment. The net position was £8.5bn for 2015 or £163m per week which for a country with a population of 64 million equates to 36p per person per day.

The Sun costs 40p per day, so if you want to save money stop buying The Sun.

On Thursday please vote to remain in the EU.

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