Sunday, 1 May 2016

Unison lies in Wales

I have just emailed Dave Prentis about the lies that Unison are spreading in Wales. I wouldn't normally concern myself with an election on the far side of the country especially during an election here but their leaflet is shocking and as a member of Unison I feel the need to speak out. Unless there is an apology and retraction I will have to find a new union.

This is the leaflet. See if you can spot an error or two...

Dear Mr Prentis,

I am a member of Unison but I don't know if this is your email address as there is no contact details for you or a generic email address on your website which is disappointing.

I have been made aware of lies that Unison are spreading in the Wales elections (see picture) and I wondered if perhaps you could publish an apology and correction in time for the election. To be specific:

  • The Green Party firmly backs the living wage and a £10 ph wage was a key part of the 2015 general election manifesto. To suggest that we do not is a lie.
  • The Green Party is fighting to end zero hour contracts. Why does Unison lie about this?
  • We want to create apprentiships. It is clear from our policies that are published online.
  • Why does Unison claim that we do not opposed the Tory TU bill. We have clearly opposed it. Unison are lying.
  • We continue to oppose the privatisation of schools. Your leaflet is lying to suggest otherwise.
I have always disliked your unswerving dedication to Labour but as a life long trade unionist I recognise the necessity of membership however I cannot be part of an organisation that so blatently lies for party politics.

I await your reply


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