Thursday, 14 April 2016

Clean Air? Not in Kent

It is easy to get swept away by Dodgy Dave's latest tax wheeze or the latest strange argument from the Brexit campaign but just to bring us back to the realisation that there is other stuff going on in the world too, can I ask you to do this survey by FOE on air pollution. 50,000 of us die each year in this country alone as a direct result of air pollution, yet it almost never features on the news and government at all levels are ignoring it.

The latest report from across Kent shows some worrying results with Dartford breaching limits on PM10 on 24 days so far (only 35 breaches are allowed each year). Tunbridge Wells could breach the threshold by year end too.

Dartford has already breached the NO2 threshold, 27 days >200ugm and only 16 days allowed each year.

Last year Canterbury breached the limits for ozone.

The other scandal here is that there are just 15 monitoring sites across Kent, one of the largest counties in the UK. We urgently need more data and we need action to reduce the emissions to reduce the death toll.

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