Monday, 1 February 2016

20mph Maidstone

My letter to the Kent Messenger:

Dear Editor,

After many years of campaigning in Maidstone for 20mph limits in all residential areas, last week's news that the council has finally realised that they save lives was good to read.

The example set by the Green administration in Brighton has demonstrated a clear reduction in accidents, reducing accidents by 12% from 2013 to 2014. Maidstone on the other hand saw the highest number of car accidents in the county and a rise over the same period of 16%. Maidstone also recorded the highest number of killed or seriously injured people in Kent in 2014.

Of course we cannot be certain how many lives would have been saved had MBC acted sooner rather that dragging its heels but let's hope that those 20mph limits arrive quickly before too many more lives are ruined.

Stuart Jeffery
Maidstone Green Party


Unknown said...

This is excellent news, Stuart. Progress is being made all across the county, from Tunbridge Wells to Maidstone to Faversham. We now have 18 20's Plenty for us groups in Kent and I sense a momentum shift in favour of eliminating road danger, particularly for vulnerable road users.

Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Swale Joint Transportation Board has just approved 20mph limits throughout Faversham - Tunbridge Wells has a large area that will become 20mph early next year.

Let's hope that 2017 is the year that Maidstone will also embrace 20mph.