Friday, 18 December 2015

The fracking fight continues

It's been an appalling week for the environment, indeed appalling for life, future generations and democracy. The news that MPs (Tories mostly) have voted to allow fracking under national parks should come as no surprise from a government that is so committed to destroy every living thing around itself.

Not only this, they have released licences for 159 more blocks of land to be fracked and at the same time they have cut subsidies in renewable energy by 64%. On the other hand dirty energy are doing well; the IMF have calculated that the fossil fuel industry get £26 billion a year in subsidies from the government.

Cameron and Osborne are sticking two fingers up at the environment just a week after the climate summit agreed to end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Of course the main stream media won't report the lies and deceit. There will be no rolling news on ITV or in The Sun exposing them for what they are, which means we must continue our fight to stop them.

Image courtesy of Tom Pride:

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