Friday, 25 December 2015

Middle Eastern couple seeking refuge

Letter to the Kent On Sunday:
Dear Editor,

Your Editorial remarks (KoS 20th Dec) calling for compassion towards the Syrian refugees could not have been any more timely or welcome.

While the racists and xenophobes shout about England being a Christian country they seem to have forgotten that a significant part of the Christmas story centres around a Middle Eastern couple who were seeking refuge!

They are, however, right to link their concerns to housing but they completely faily to understand what the crisis is. Indeen there are two housing crises. Firstly, here in Kent local government and builders are intent on building large, unaffordable executive homes on green field sites - homes that the people in need of homes can't afford. Secondly, the UK has now played in to so-called IS's narrative by bombing Syrian homes and increasing the number of refugees.

We should be helping those in need, not destroying their country. The solution to Syria is diplomatic and aid based, not more agression and war.

Stuart Jeffery

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