Sunday, 22 November 2015

Tell Jeremy Hunt what to do with the NHS!

You need to do this tonight! Jeremy Hunt has sneaked out a consultation on the NHS without really letting people know - a great way of ensuring that you don't get an answer that you don't want. The consultation ends on 23rd November, so follow the link below to tell him what to do with the NHS.

38 Degrees have picked up on this and have set up an easy response system. Visit them here.

Feel free to use my responses in the text, or better still write your own if you have time:

  • £10bn still leaves 4% cuts required each year to 2020. This will not be possible without severe restrictions to services or a significant decline in the quality and safety of care.
  • The mandate should contain a commitment to increase funding in line with the £30bn that the NHS will need to provide safe, effective care by 2020.
  • It should contain a commitment to ending privatisation of the NHS.
  • There should be a requirement that all health ministers and their families have no interests in any private health care company.
  • There should be a buying back of PFI and a commitment to no new PFI contracts
  • There should be a commitment to end the health care market which costs billions to run.

Picture from 38 Degrees

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