Monday, 16 November 2015

Climate cataclysm talks

Another climate change milestone was reached this week as the world this year has been more than 1 degree hotter than the 1850-1899 average. Two degrees are considered the tipping point at which the planet will enter runaway climate change with catastrophic impacts so being half way there is a truly scary milestone to add to the 400ppm CO2 reached in 2013.

So with the Paris climate summit in a few weeks, you could imagine a sane government taking climate change seriously and doing everything in its power to prevent the cataclysm that we are headed towards. 

Perhaps the would be drastically increasing investment in renewable energy? An easy and obvious choice yet Cameron is reducing them. "But there's no money" the economically illiterate will cry, so how is Cameron able to subsidise the fossil fuel industry to the tune of £6bn?

Instead of reducing subsidies to Big Oil, Cameron is increasing them. A recent report in the subsidies across the G20 by the Overseas Development Institute and Oil Change International stated: "The UK stands out as a member of the G20 that, despite its pledge to phase-out fossil fuel subsidies, has dramatically increased its support to the production of fossil fuels in recent years, and has responded to the low oil price by lowering taxes on oil and gas rather than raising them."

I will on the Climate March in London on 29th November, the day before the Paris Summit starts, I hope you will join me or go to Paris to join the march there.

There is so little time left to stop a climate cataclysm and we have to take every opportunity to get the message across that it is still possible if the world acts quickly. The future of our world and the world our children will inherit will depend on what we do today.

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