Saturday, 31 October 2015

The nasty party of a rotten country

I should be immune to the nastiness that passes for Conservative politics after all this time but I still they manage to shock me, and they have done it twice this week.

Yesterday we had Tory MP Philip Davies' filibuster to prevent a private members' bill on free parking for carers being debated. After all who why should they care about carers? Strangely his website's strap-line is "Your interests, not self-interest", sadly many people continue to believe what these people say rather than what they do. In my book, actions speak louder than words.

Then there's the tampon tax that the EU said we could have an exemption on as long as we ask for it. But no, those Tories think they are luxury items including my MP Helen Grant - shame on you!

Earlier this week we had Gideon's tax credit withdrawal which would have plunged millions into poverty without so much as a by your leave. Obviously Cameron denying that tax credits would be cut just before the election should have been a clue to their imminent decline.

Fortunately there was a bizarre triumph of non-democracy by the Lords slowing Gideon's attempt to increase poverty levels more quickly. While the Lords should really be a chamber for revising and scrutinising rather than blocking, I whole heartedly applaud their intervention. After all the Tories do not have a democratic mandate and the whole county can be described as a rotten country rather than borough.

Our broken democracy has allowed 24% of the electorate to give the Tories the majority of MPs in Parliament. If that isn't corruption in action, I don't know what is. It's not limited to the Tories of course, Labour were elected to government with a similar result in 2005. Unless this country adopts some form of democracy we will continue to have performance politics that simply dumps on people and planet.

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