Monday, 26 October 2015

Road deaths and serious injuries rising in Kent

2014 saw an 11% increase in people killed of seriously injured (KSI) on Kent's roads, a continued rise since 2012. This increase in more than double the national average of 5%. Stats here...

Maidstone saw the highest number of KSI at 74 and rural road deaths across Kent are reported to be 29.

In the US over 30,000 people die as a result of guns each year, while the gun lobby have persuaded the US people that owning and carrying a gun is a 'right' and a 'necessity'. The gun lobby fund politicians who reinforce these rights and needs while tens of thousands continue to die.

In the UK we don't do guns, we do cars. They are considered a 'right' and a 'necessity', the car lobby persuade people that they should own a car and they fund politicians to reinforce these rights and to subsidize road transport at the expense of other forms of transport (up to £100bn). Meanwhile tens of thousands are killed or seriously injured (plus over 50,000 who dies each year from the air pollution).

Cars are not a right or a necessity, just as guns are not. Around 20% of households do not have a car and while access to services can be harder for them, they survive. Just maybe, if the government made it easier and more economical to travel without a car by diverting some of the road subsidies to methods of transport that don't kill thousands, life might get easier?

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