Saturday, 5 September 2015

Refugees welcome in Maidstone

Those great people at 38 Degrees have started local petitions to councils to take refugees. There are plenty of under-used buildings in Maidstone that could be quickly converted to provide refuge. I know that Kent is already setting up places of refuge, such as the old scout camp at Swattenden (well done KCC) and in Whitstable.

Link here to the Maidstone petition

Aylan, the toddler who drowned fleeing Syria, was just three years old. His town was under attack by Isis. His five year old brother and his mum also died trying to reach safety.

Yet our prime minister said ‘we won't take any more refugees’. He thinks that most of us don't care. But 38 Degrees members do care. We don't want Britain to be the kind of country that turns its back as people drown in their desperation to flee places like Syria.

So let's stand up for Britain's long tradition of helping refugees fleeing war. Let's show the Prime Minister that we, the people of the UK, are proud to do our part and provide refuge to people in their hour of need.

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