Thursday, 13 August 2015

The war against fracking

Today's announcement that the Tories are going to step in and decide on fracking application if councils take too long is their latest attack in the fracking war.

In June we won a significant battle in Preston and I was proud to be part of the protest outside the county council chamber where the council finally decided not to allow more fracking in Lancashire. Today has seen the Tory counter attack, an attack that undermines democracy, localism and the environment.

The Green Party has spoken out already and we remain the only English party that says no to fracking. There is useful comment in the Ecologist too.

The government is clearly undermining democracy in its attempt to destroy our land by pumping millions of gallons of toxic liquid into it. Without a democratic say there is no legitimacy to the government or law and I can see the people taking direct action to stop this despicable and unnecessary practice.

The land is our home, it provides us with food and water and we are part of it. We will not let the frackers destroy it.

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