Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hunted Tories and Helen Grant's twisted view of animal welfare

The Tories have "ran away" from their proposal to make it even easier for the fox hunting elite to enact their sadism and cruelty on non-human life. Well done to the SNP for scaring the Tories (even if you did it for different reasons than an opinion on hunting).

In response to my lobbying, my local MP, Helen Grant, wrote to me to tell me that she supports the right to hunt and claims that it is about 'control' of wildlife and that the current ban damages animal welfare.

She clearly fails to understand:

  1. the difference between hunting and a cruel blood sport that only serve to gratify a small number of twisted people
  2. wildlife in general
  3. that ripping a fox to pieces (especially one raised purely for that purpose) after an exhausting chase and then sometimes smearing its blood on a child's face is not a normal definition of 'animal welfare'.

If you want the facts on hunting with dogs they are out there, Animal Aid have a useful guide as to the League.

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