Monday, 13 July 2015

Grexit and Brexit

Interesting to read Monbiot's increasing unease in the EU today coupled with some commentary from Jenny Jones and Rupert Read about their increasing misgivings.

Greece seems to have given up it fight for sovereignty over its country this morning. Accepting the enhanced austerity from the EU means that Greece's citizens will be stripped of access to public services while their state assets are sold off. They will become a shell of a country, decimated by a neoliberal system enhanced by a single currency and the loss of monetary control that accompanies it.

They seem now to be ruled by foreign corporate interests rather than through a democratic system of government, particularly bad from the country that invented the latter.

Almost unnoticed in the Grexit turmoil was last week's vote by the EU to push ahead with TTIP, another prime example of giving foreign corporations power over supposedly sovereign governments.

While the EU has been a force for good bring peace and stability to Europe and a bunch of environmental legislation that was far better than the UK could manage, it now seems to be pandering to business interests rather than the people.

Many in the UK will now begin to question their long held convictions that the EU is a force for good as we head towards our own referendum.

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