Saturday, 11 July 2015

Email your MP about fox hunting

MP's get their free vote on Wednesday as to whether to relax the already loose laws on killing foxes for fun. These laws are already flouted so they need tightening and enforcing rather than relaxing. Fox hunting is cruel and unnecessary. It certainly should not be done for the sadistic enjoyment of seeing a fox torn to pieces.

Please email your MP. If you live near me, you can email Maidstone's MP at , urging them to vote against relaxing the fox hunting bill. If you live else where you can contact them at or just google their email address. Also, send one via the League Against Cruel Sports here.

Remind them that the vast majority of people support the ban, including the majority of people in rural areas, see

Tell them too that the current ban needs strengthening and enforcing, especially given the recent discovery of cubs being bred to be chased and killed:

Over half a million people have already signed online petitions calling for the legislation to remain. Please sign one of these if you haven't done so already:

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