Thursday, 23 July 2015

Comment on live exports resuming from Ramsgate

Green MEP comments on expected live animal exports tonight at Ramsgate Port

On hearing news from local campaign group 'Kent Action Against Live Exports' (Kaale) that the export of live animals is expected to resume tonight at the Port of Ramsgate, Keith Taylor, Green MEP for South East England, said:

“I am opposed to this cruel and needless trade. Many local residents from Kent who witness the lorries travelling to the port have been heavily campaigning on this issue for the last few years.

"Their campaign is backed up by strong scientific evidence which highlights that these journeys cause significant suffering to these animals. I fully support the planned protests by local campaign groups and my constituents today."

Thanks Keith. I say that a compassionate and caring government would never let this happen. We need to keep fighting for the rights of animals and against cruelty such as this. Well done to the protestors, including KAALE, and I will come down to support you again soon.

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