Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Proportional Representation Now!

The First Past the Post system is broken and needs to be replaced. Politics is no longer a choice between two candidates, we need a system that proportionally represents the wide range of views that are now on offer.

In last week's election just 24% of eligible voters voted Conservative yet they won the majority of seats. That is not democracy, that is a result of a blatant refusal by governments to provide a fair voting system that reflects the choices of the electorate. It is undemocratic and shows that the Tories don't have a mandate to have a majority government (and previously Labour didn't either in 2005).

This is the number of votes each party received divided by the number of MPs:

SNP 26k
CON 34k
LAB 40k
LD 291k
GRN 1.1m
UKIP 3.8m

And this is the number of MPs that would have been elected under a proportional system:

Please sign the Change.org petition and the one from the Electoral Reform Society.



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