Sunday, 24 May 2015

No taxation without representation

Conservatives and Labour tell us that a government elected by 24% of the electorate has a mandate (22% if you are Labour - remember 2005?) and even among the voters, a vote of 37% (35% for 2005) is not a mandate to govern - the majority of people do not want a Tory government.

The picture is worse when you look at the Green vote (and UKIP). One million Green votes but just one MP (3.7m for one MP if you voted UKIP).

We now have 50% of voters in the UK not represented by a party they voted for, compared to just 17% in last year's EU election done under proportional representation (PR)

And of course it is well known that only around 200,000 voters in marginal constituencies have a say in which party is in government, i.e. less than 0.5% of the electorate. Compare this to the half a million signatures delivered to Downing St calling for PR last week.

The stats are as unbelievable as they are undemocratic. Without a vote that has meaning and that can affect an outcome, it is clear that we do not have true suffrage and that we do not have a truly representative democracy.

As democracy is so badly broken, is it time for civil disobedience along the lines of the Suffragette movement? Should a non-violent direct action campaign be started as those turkeys are not going to vote for Christmas? Perhaps we should refuse to pay taxes until we have representation, I think that has happened before...

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