Tuesday, 20 January 2015

#GreenSurge in Canterbury - a Green victory is possible!

Canterbury CathedralAs the Green Party membership rose above 53,000 across the UK this morning (England and Wales: 44741 at 6.25 on 20/1/15, Northern Ireland: 322, Scotland: 8026) and the latest opinion poll put us on 12% across England (11% UK wide), the membership in the Canterbury parliamentary constituency has exceeded 200 for the first time too which bodes very well for the election.

With the Green Party vote in the Canterbury constituency regularly exceeding twice the national average, this could put in line for a result in the high 20's which in a split marginal in enough to win.

With my army of leafleters who delivered my newspaper to over 20,000 homes in a week and should have delivered all 45,000 to every home in Canterbury by the end of the month if the snow stays away, I think we are in with a fighting chance to win!

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