Monday, 12 January 2015

A&E and NHS funding letter to the Kentish Gazette

Letter to the Kentish Gazette:

Dear Editor,

While our beleaguered hospital struggles with its A&E targets and other aspects of its care, as your paper rightly points out, it is clear from the recent funding allocations that support for our local NHS services by central government is sorely lacking.

While other areas are receiving an average increase of around 3.7% next year to support local health care, Canterbury and Coastal CCG are receiving just half that amount (1.9%) and are in the group of commissioners that have the lowest increases in the country.

While the government is making great play of expensive privatisation of services so that their friends can profit from their shareholding, they are clearly uninterested in supporting the NHS in places where it is most needed.

Government are also busily cutting local authority funding for social care, care that is needed to help both prevent people becoming ill and to support them when leaving hospital. The cuts to social care are deep and hard.

It is time to end the private sector involvement in the NHS and to ensure funding reflects the needs of the local NHS and social care provision.

Stuart Jeffery
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury and Whitstable

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