Thursday, 11 December 2014

UKIP Canterbury candidate on breastfeeding in public

Last night I lost my temper on TV. Despite reading about UKIP's appalling stance on breastfeeding last week, to hear the local UKIP PPC Jim Gascoyne repeat that women should not be allowed to breastfeed their children when and where they need to is, frankly, despicable. He went on to suggest that businesses should be able to discriminate again women and that women shouldn't "bare their breasts in public".

I asked him where this discrimination should stop, if businesses are allowed to discriminate against women, does he think it reasonable for them to discriminate against other groups - perhaps gay people?

I am frankly horrified that someone standing for office can put such views across but then UKIP's dislike of women seems to run quite deep. A few months back UKIP Canterbury agreed with their MEP's decision not to fund additional support to reduce violence against women:

Their attitude towards women is appalling and must be challenged,

KTV's (UKC's Student TV) "Question Time" last night  was filmed with representatives from all 5 parties.

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