Sunday, 30 November 2014

Immigration: leafleting in Canterbury and Whitstable

Yesterday Canterbury and Whitstable Greens took to our local High Streets to hand out leaflets giving a different view of immigration to the ones repeated constantly by other parties and the media.

We focussed on three key points:

  • That the bankers and politicians were responsible for the economic collapse, the austerity measures and the lack of jobs, NOT the immigrants
  • That immigrants are not 'taking all our jobs'. They take a low proportion, just 15%.
  • We want freedom of movement. There are about 2m British people living in the EU and roughly the same number of EU migrants living here. We cannot have a one direction flow of people.

The response was superb! Everyone who spoke to us was positive and welcomed our very different message. Even the UKIP voter was pleased to hear a different view of immigration.

People are clearly tired of the rhetoric. I was please to be able to give out distinct view to local people.

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