Sunday, 12 October 2014

Only renewable energy is, um... renewable

Letter to the Whitstable Gazette:

Dear Editor,

Far from being ‘eco-friendly’ as David Reekie in the Whitstable Gazette (9th Oct) claims, fracking is one of the most ecologically damaging methods of fuel extraction that has been developed.

Experience from the US and Australia, where fracking has been embraced, has shown that the toxic effects from chemicals on local people has been huge. Add this to the industrialisation of the countryside with the high number of wells required, plus the huge amount of water required to brought in by tankers and you have a nightmare brewing in our countryside. Remember too that extracting more fossil fuel will simply ensure that more CO2 adds to the devastating impact of climate change.

Mr Reekie goes on to claim that solar requires ‘heavy subsidies from tax payers’. The already established fossil fuel industry is currently subsidised to the tune of over £4 billion each year, nearly twice that going to  develop new renewable infrastructure. As for the cost of nuclear, the cleanup of Sellafield is estimated to be around £70 billion to the government.

The key point though, is that fracking, fossil fuels and nuclear will not last and the huge environmental impact won’t even have a long term benefit . Only renewable energy will provide electricity for both us and for future generations as only renewable energy is renewable!

Stuart Jeffery
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Canterbury and Whitstable

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The Decorating Diva said...

Yes, if renewable energy got the same subsidies as coal and oil, we'd be well away.
I returned to UK after 16 years in America. We do not want the problems that fracking brings and we need to remember, America has problems and it's a huge place!
Another thing that people don't seem to take into account is the devastating effect it can have on water. Once water is poisoned from fracking it can never be cleaned. All the water that ever has been or ever will be, is on the planet right now. There is no more coming. People get a very confused look when I say this. I truly think the vast majority of people have no idea that water is a finite resource. They seem to think it will continue to fall from heaven!!!